Flood Runner: Armageddon

That was the end of the world – RUN! Flood Runner: Armageddon is a high octane running, jumping and flying platformer action game where you play the role of a little guy quickly fled a wave super water or lava. Your task is to survive! Run and jump for your life, avoid all obstacles and enemies, and stay alive as long as possible. The wave moves super fast to get your fast fingers ready.



Your goal when playing this game is to escape the wave came from the left side of your screen, and try to not take down his opponent. If possible, collect as many bonus points as you go along. If you’re really good, you can even get a high score, but if you fall into the water or lava – you are making! Bonuses and power-ups scattered around the game area, so grab as many as you can. You can make some great leap and glide through the air as you go along. Ok, here comes the wave, you better get running!

See more: Survive in Fireboy & Watergirl 4: Crystal


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