Soul Worker

As we all know, the online game hot Soul Worker has officially opened the free, widely on 6/4 to market in Japan


However a problem still exists if want to try fighting the Japanese version is the Worker of the Soul of Vietnamese people will have to proceed to the fake IP address to go to Japan to get home as well as the log is the part of the game’s launcher.

However the good news is that recently, the Publisher Gameforge has officially announced they had won the right to release the Soul Worker in North America, Europe and even the Global lock not IP version. What this means is, gamers will be playing freely among the online game Japan deserve to expect for a short time here, completely free and freedom.
Soul Worker is online game action blockbuster released in South Korea in mid-2014 and the new dock Japan, dramatic games by platform graphics anime style eyes beauty and physical effects extremely authentically built from Havok platform Vision Engine.
Of course impossible not to mention guest access non-target the same submission focused heavily on creating combo did should have best gameplay and is full of fascinating Soul Worker. The interesting point is that the player can strike several targets simultaneously instead of just one, the player also has a defense mechanism by holding the right mouse button, besides the combo system on the ground and in the air are enough, very diverse.

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