Bunker – the game shooting liberation of firepower from the turret, you will have to wipe cacsluwcj of invasion before they destroy your game by fast-paced. You will be awarded for each enemy destroyed the car and the money is added to your account. These funds can be used for protecting the arsenal and upgrade your turrets. There are 25 levels of difficulty in this game, and so you have to plan your spending wisely and choose the right ammo upgrade. You can buy several upgrades such as health or speed dial for your turret.


If you feel you are not comfortable with your machine guns and the damage is not enough, put a plasma rifle or rocket launcher on the turret. Once you have a new weapon in your arsenal, you can switch between them using your keyboard and press the numbers 1 through 9. Sometimes, when the enemy vehicles were destroyed, the different items appear so that you can collect and use in your missions.


Certain purchase upgrades in the store could increase the number of bonus items appear after enemy vehicles destroyed. You can lose the battle when you get outnumbered and unable to keep up with the speed of attack (it’s certainly difficult out there). Your progress is saved after each completed level. Good luck brave soldiers – your heroism to protect freedom will go into legend!

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