Island Runner

Get ready to run for your life so far! Island Runner is a fun and addicting “endless running” style arcade game similar to the popular game ideas games such as Temple Run action, and Canabalt. Choose from 8 different characters to unlock a mad dash never ending randomly sized island, platforms and ledges, where you have to time your jumps to perfection to avoid falling into the abyss cave below! Use fingers fast, super-sharp reactions and expert time to travel as far as you can on a cool, landscape-style silhouette. On your mark … get set …. RUN RUN RUN!


How to Play: Your goal is to make it as far along the side-scrolling landscapes as you can in each ‘run’. You earn points and virtual cash for each meter that you travel. 8 characters (aka Runners) in total. At the beginning of the game, only 2 are available, but you can unlock the rest by using virtual income that you earn. On the main menu screen, select your Runner by clicking on the icon using your computer mouse or touchpad. Then click “Start” to begin.


Your Runner automatically move on the game screen. The landscape is made up of hundreds of different sizes ‘island’, and you have to jump from island to island to survive. Press Z on your computer keyboard to jump, and press it twice to perform a double jump. Press X to ‘Dash’, for a split second Runner, super speed enhancement. If your Runner fall into a ravine between two islands, you have to start again. If you have enough income to accumulate virtual, you can use to unlock other characters in between runs. Each character has strengths and weaknesses – try and find the best fit for your running style!

There are special ‘?’ Power Up Box randomly scattered around the landscape. Collect can create good or bad results. For example, you can earn bonus points – but you can also find your Runner upside down! It’s the luck of the draw! Happy Island jump!

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