Dangerous Dan: Legends of the Seven Seas

Play a game of high survival side-scrolling challenges on PC, laptop, laptop, Android tablet or Android mobile phone. Dangerous Dan: Legends of the Seas Seven is a dynamic and reactive based treasure diving adventure game where you must guide an underwater explorers brave safely through a series of dangerous, treasure hunt full of obstacles. By using quick response, good observation skills and coordination, you have to dodge and weave around shooting fish, torpedo missiles and underwater mines huge. This is certainly not a leisurely dip in the local swimming pool!



Fans of classic, tough, side-scrolling games like helicopters and Flappy Birds can enjoy this fun game concept. Expected and react to the obstacles ahead is the key to running clear through the water. Trial and error and patience is important here is that you get used to the slightly difficult ascending and descending controls. We wish you a ‘safe journey through the depths – but that’s just not going to happen! Good luck down there!

See more: Island Runner


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