Quibeland is an action platform game colorful, quirky and very tricky, where you must guide a character very brave block through a series of mini-obstacle filled levels. Getting Blocky brave little from the left to the right hand side of the screen the game is no simple task. You face fell and rose thorns, slippery bridges enemies, many ravines, and the fact that the sword-wielding Blocky can only jump short distances. Watch out for some character Boss really great too!



Unlike many platforms classic arcade game where the hero moves at the speed of a free flowing environment, Quibeland is more measured, and focus more on good strategy, focus, patience , exploiting the smart keyboard, and the perfect time. Each level is extremely limited with many challenging obstacles, which means that your movements must be accurate at all times; a small mistake or hesitation can lead to health damage, or worse! Please proceed with caution and skill. Blocky Go!

See more: Granny Strikes Back


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