Gemcrafter: Puzzle Journey

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but can help you find a treasure!
With all new puzzle: move gems around the stadium to match three and new careers. Use magic talisman to solve puzzles and build strategy to address your unique puzzles.

Join Jim Kraftwerk on their journey and get ready for some of the three-of-a-kind, crafting gems, solve the puzzles and treasure hunting action. Do you have what it takes to become a true Gemcrafter?


Gemcrafter fresh, looking fabulous and totally addictive, so what are you waiting for? With dozens of levels of mind-blowing puzzles in only four places: whether you are climbing a snow mountain with a Yeti or roaming the jungle with a cute princess Amazon, the game will keep you busy busy for hours.


Invite your friends to see how the gem crafting skills better or help each other advance through the game and solve puzzles.

Main function:

ALL-NEW PUZZLE game: Move gems around the stadium to match three of a kind of new variants and crafts for later use.
Dozens of levels to play: Play 100 mind-blowing levels in four unique locations, meet with the games they will guide you on the journey of your treasure hunt.
RARE GEMS COLLECTION: Opens hidden treasure as you play and find the gem collection. Do you have what it takes to collect them all?
Play with Friends: Invite your friends to the game to challenge them or to help each other solve the puzzle!

This game features in-app purchases for better gaming experience, but you can disable this option in your device settings.

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