Soul Worker

As we all know, the online game hot Soul Worker has officially opened the free, widely on 6/4 to market in Japan


However a problem still exists if want to try fighting the Japanese version is the Worker of the Soul of Vietnamese people will have to proceed to the fake IP address to go to Japan to get home as well as the log is the part of the game’s launcher.

However the good news is that recently, the Publisher Gameforge has officially announced they had won the right to release the Soul Worker in North America, Europe and even the Global lock not IP version. What this means is, gamers will be playing freely among the online game Japan deserve to expect for a short time here, completely free and freedom.
Soul Worker is online game action blockbuster released in South Korea in mid-2014 and the new dock Japan, dramatic games by platform graphics anime style eyes beauty and physical effects extremely authentically built from Havok platform Vision Engine.
Of course impossible not to mention guest access non-target the same submission focused heavily on creating combo did should have best gameplay and is full of fascinating Soul Worker. The interesting point is that the player can strike several targets simultaneously instead of just one, the player also has a defense mechanism by holding the right mouse button, besides the combo system on the ground and in the air are enough, very diverse.

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Flood Runner: Armageddon

That was the end of the world – RUN! Flood Runner: Armageddon is a high octane running, jumping and flying platformer action game where you play the role of a little guy quickly fled a wave super water or lava. Your task is to survive! Run and jump for your life, avoid all obstacles and enemies, and stay alive as long as possible. The wave moves super fast to get your fast fingers ready.



Your goal when playing this game is to escape the wave came from the left side of your screen, and try to not take down his opponent. If possible, collect as many bonus points as you go along. If you’re really good, you can even get a high score, but if you fall into the water or lava – you are making! Bonuses and power-ups scattered around the game area, so grab as many as you can. You can make some great leap and glide through the air as you go along. Ok, here comes the wave, you better get running!

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Survive in Fireboy & Watergirl 4: Crystal

Fireboy and Watergirl 4: Crystal is a challenging puzzle game. You can either play alone or with a family or friend, which would be more enjoyable of course. You can opt to be the Fireboy or the Watergirl. Do not let Fireboy reach the water lakes because he will be dead. The same with Watergirl, do not let her reach the fire lakes because she will die too. Take note, fire and water cannot be mixed together. Green lakes are dangerous to both of them so jump as high as you can.



Collect all the diamonds along your way. Fireboy must collect red diamonds and Watergirl must collect green diamonds. You will be ranked in each level depending on how much time you have consumed before reaching the exit doors. To control Watergirl, use the Letters A, W and D keys to move Watergirl while to control Fireboy, use the arrow keys.

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Electric Man 3

Searching for a thrill like Electric Man 2? Well, rumor has it that Electric Man 3 might be arriving soon and that it will feature another classic battle royal tournament where you get to juke it out with some brand new, challenging opponents. The previous game was rather fun and featured a series of great moves, kicks and power grabs and throws. However, it really lacked “content” and after a while it became rather easy. You could fight in rounds against the Frozen, the Pyromaniacs, the Plagues and so on, but once you had beaten the game there was really not much to do other than replay all the levels again, which isn’t very amusing.


As far as character customization goes it really wasn’t all that great either. In the start of the game you could do some basic changes to your character’s profile such as change his main color attributes and name. That’s about it as far as the previous Electric Man game goes. In the next one, however, we are hoping to see much more options related to the progress of your main character. It would be cool if he were to gain experience and level up through the tournament and then you could increase his stats and learn new moves. This is, however, a not so original game concept that wouldn’t be enough to capture a typical player’s interest.



The main fun factor of Electric Man was battling different groups of opponents and using powerful moves on them. Creating a combination of slow motion punches and slow motion grabs was great fun, although it drained battery points very quickly. Advancing the next game by improving these aspects of the game is what the developer should really be aiming for. There are a lot of fighting games made in flash, but not enough of them have figured the concept out like Electric Man! It would be a shame to let such an interesting system get forgotten as it really brings small, lightweight flash games closer to the quality of games we had a chance to see on our PC or game consoles.

So, character customization and improved gameplay features and fighting moves. Is there anything else that Electric Man 3 should bring to us? Well, how about improved graphics, more enemies and different sound tracks and environments? The Tournament of Voltagen certainly has a lot of room to improve itself and include different arenas and game modes. It would also be very nice if the developers could create new visual effects that would correspond to the actual attacks that are being made.


Unstoppably spread yourself in Pandemic 4

Aside from implementing new features and updating the looks of the game, the creator of the game should also focus on solving issues that sometimes ruin the user experience of the game. These issues include glitches and lag which is never a nice thing to have in a game. Most of the problems happen while fighting several enemies and using special moves on them which is quite unfortunate as you will waste battery points. Hopefully, the creators of the game will reflect on all of these issues and surprise us with a great, new Electric Man 3 game!

Unstoppably spread yourself in Pandemic 4

Are you ready to be the enemy? Try to be one in Pandemic 4. It can be played alone or with other players. You may play it with family or friends or simply with other players online. Your aim is to spread a biological virus all over the world. Upgrade the virus to make it a deadly disease to kill as many as possible or better yet, to extinguish the human. Improve the characteristics of your virus as to lethality, infectivity and drug resistance to make it stronger. But humans are intelligent creatures, they will find and develop a cure against you and make their citizens immune.


Pandemic 4 is a strategy game. It is the virus’ evolution, spread and fatal infection on human. The challenge is to analyze how to spread the virus unstoppably. The virus can spread via modes of travel. You can play the game either in realistic mode or in relaxed mode.

Follow instructions in Appliances Run Amuck

Appliances Run Attack is a funny game and full of excitement. You are the funny looking toaster who keeps jumping on the streets. Your job is to defend the world from the renegade appliances that are approaching along your way. You can do this by collecting appliances as instructed to you. So pay close attention in reading the introduction in every level for the clear instructions to be done. It will tell what and how many appliances you need to collect.


The instructions will also tell you what to avoid. Take note that not following instructions will stop and fail you. You must get the power ups when you see them because they cannot be found in all levels. Appliances Run Amuck is a very simple and easy to play game. Just use arrow keys to move left to right and up and down.

It is a thrilling game presented in Uphill Rush 7

There are three reasons why racing games are very addicting and exciting to play. One is because of the vehicles involved such as cars, motorcycles and others which many of us dream or want to have for different purposes. Second is because of the thrill and excitement that the players experience whenever they play racing games even if it is only through a virtual medium. Last is because of the graphics and features presented which makes it more attractive to deal with. One good example is the flash game called Uphill Rush 7. This is the seventh edition from the very successful and popular game series called Uphill Rush.


The mechanics in this game is pretty much the same with the previous editions which is to race against other players using four different vehicles such as motorcycle, truck, quad bike and a skateboard. You can enjoy racing in four stages with three levels in each stage presented. The main website of this game is.

Defend your flag in Tiny Combat 2

Action-packed games are getting popular than ever because of the intensity it bring and offer towards the gamers or players. There are three reasons why it is well appreciated by many gamers worldwide. One is because of the features and graphics it offers that are appealing and entertaining to the eyes. Second is because of the fact that it thrills and excites any players that will engage with it. Last is because it involves either shooting or fighting skills that we are familiar of. One perfect example is the game entitled Tiny Combat 2.


You can navigate to this game by reading this whole article or by searching for it online. The main character in this game is a tiny figure. Its mission is to defend the flag from the miniature enemies and soldiers. You will have to navigate and guide the character to shoot and fight against the enemies and opponents. Don’t let the tiny enemies go near or even capture your flag. It is a matter of great strategy and precision in shooting as well as how you will prevent the enemy from coming near your base.

Utilize your weapons in Gun Mayhem 2

Shooting games have been very popular through the years because of two things. First is the involvement of different shooting weapons such as guns and rifles which most of us are fond of. Second is the adrenaline or the fighting action that is created whenever one is playing a shooting game. There is no doubt that they are in demand up to this day. Creators are giving their best to produce a worthy entertainment medium. One good example is the game called Gun Mayhem 2.


This is the second installment from the game series called Gun Mayhem. This is a fast-paced shooting game where the player’s objective is to eliminate powerful enemies or make them fall off the platform before they do it to you. Utilize the given weapons such as guns and dynamites to be successful in this game. Play this game at. Enjoy dealing with great enemies and have a blast eliminating them all.

Enjoy more levels in Fireboy and Watergirl 2

Challenge yourself in the second sequel of Fireboy and Watergirl game series. You can play it alone or together with a family or a friend. In Fireboy and Watergirl 2: In the Light Temple, you are to control both Fireboy and Watergirl. Use the letters A, W and D keys to control Watergirl and use the arrow keys to control Fireball.


There are four kinds of levels: in the octagon-shaped levels, your task is to get to the exit doors as fast as possible grabbing all diamonds; in the triangle-shaped levels, the trick is to move Fireboy and Watergirl together grabbing diamonds; in the diamond levels, your goal is to get the green diamond and get to the exit doors; and in the diamond-shaped levels, you have to take care of your steps for there are no lights. Have a peek at this site to know more and play for free.